Meet the MeshPower Team!!!

Based out of our Kigali HQ!

Chantal Niyorukundo

Finance and Admin Officer

Chantal’s role includes sales and expense reconciliation, managing petty cash, reviewing purchase orders ensuring the budget is accurate, paying suppliers and ensuring team gets their salaries. She is also our Gender Focal Point.

Cleophas Ahishakiye

Operations Manager

Clovis was one of MeshPower’s first employees. In 2016 he contributed to the scale up to over 80 mini-grids installed and 2,200 households connections, whereas today he manages the day-to-day field operations and the customer service team, as well as coordinates new installations and community outreach and logistics.

Esther Mushimiyimana

Customer Service Officer

Esther receives customers’ inquiries, solves their issues, and sets up and manages their accounts. She prepares, directs and conducts customer surveys and helps to manage Local Agent’s work in the field.

Eugene Nsabimana

Solar Technician

Eugene is responsible for all technical activities in the field, including supervision of our local agents, and building and maintaining our customer home smart meters and the mini-grid solar power system. He is also our trusted driver.

Gapasi Sebakungu

Procurement and inventory officer

Gapasi is a Logistics Professional specializing in supply chain, Vendor relations, and Inventory management. He plays a significant role in implementing projects by procuring materials and coordinating local/ global supplies. He maintains long-term business relationships with suppliers.

Jessica Tuyisenge

Solar Technician

Jessica sizes and builds solar mini grid systems for rural communities in Rwanda. She also gives training for field technicians who take over the maintenance of mini grids installed. She has also documented all of our production department procedures.

Philemon Niyodusenga

Facilities Officer

Philemon's role includes assisting technicians to assemble power systems, running office security and keeping the office up and running. For five years Philemon has been working with MeshPower, and is always keen to work in new fields and contribute to new projects.

Richard Mori

Co-founder & CEO

Richard has been involved in rural electrification for the last decade, focussed on designing and building technologies to increase access to electrification. He is responsible for technology, strategy and business development.

Richard Nshimiyimana

Production and Quality Manager

Richard is our quality and production manager, and is responsible for having our systems designed, assembled and installed properly as well as maintaining them for the long term.

Robert Songa

Solar Technician

Robert takes care of designing and building solar power systems, building and fixing our customer meters and managing the equipment of our production lab, including the laser cutter and 3D printer. His proudest achievement is the custom battery caps he designed and produced.

Sano Clement

Finance and Admin Manager

Leading the finance team, Sano has provided financial guidance and support to MeshPower ensuring we make sound business decisions. Sano makes sure we are compliant with Rwandan laws and keeps the staff smiling.

Rebecca Tuganeyesu

Customer Service Officer

Rebecca is responsive to our customer’s needs, checking up on any calls, ensuring their accounts are accurate and the sites are functioning perfectly. She is also constantly creating content for our social media pages, getting the word out about the projects we do.



Kwizera keeps us all safe and sane. His friendly demeanour keeps everyone smiling, and his ability to understand who has bad intentions is second to none. He quickly won everyone over, proving to be a valuable addition to the office.

Arthur Nahayo

Software Intern

Builds & maintains webapps, websites, manages their contents and administrates servers, Arthur's proudest achievement was dockerizing this website and its content management system.